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What will happen to Heiji's love then? This multi-core simulator is based on the interval core model and the, graphite simulation russian dating party infrastructure, allowing for fast and accurate simulation and for trading off simulation speed for accuracy to allow a range of flexible simulation options when exploring different homogeneous and heterogeneous multi-core architectures. Features, in addition to the main features mentioned above, we have updated the base simulation infrastructure to allow for simulating a larger set of workloads on more recent simulated hardware. Single-option debugging of simulator or the application itself. From Sniper, jump to: navigation, search, sniper is a next generation parallel, high-speed and accurate x86 simulator. Modern Linux-OS support (Redhat EL 5,6/Debian Lenny/Ubuntu.04-15.04/etc.).

Getting started Discussion list Subscribe to the Snipersim mailing list Email: Please send any questions or comments to: snipersim at googlegroups dot com. Multi-threaded application sampling support, cPI Stacks and advanced visualization support to gain insight into lost cycles.

Open source software, licensed under the MIT and the Interval Academic License. Additional features, you can find additional information on the simulator and its components in our. As an added benefit, the interval core model allows the generation of CPI stacks, which show the number of cycles lost due to different characteristics of the system, like the cache hierarchy or branch predictor, and leads to a better understanding of each component's effect. Instruction-Window Centric core model, supporting in-order, out-of-order and SMT cores. FAQ for details full dvfs support, shared and private caches, prefetchers. Interval simulation raises the level of abstraction in architectural simulation which allows for faster simulator development and evaluation times; it does so by 'jumping' between miss events, called intervals. Heiji became upset, and suddenly a cupid named Picchu came to him and offered him help to make his love come true. Team Members More information Retrieved from " ". Rating is available when the video has been rented. Runs splash-2, Rodinia, spec OMP and most of parsec (See our integrated benchmarks quick-start guide mcPAT integration, simAPI and Python interfaces for monitoring and controlling the simulator's behavior at runtime. Please try again later.

This extends the use for Sniper to application characterization and hardware/software co-design. This feature is not available right now. Watch Queue, queue _count total loading. Here is the full set of some of the recently added features: Interval core model.