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the mix. I do not detect cedar, musk, bergamot or oakmoss at all. The concept isnt new and the execution is uneventful. Maybe Ive gotten high on the fumes the smoldering rose chypres of the 70s-80s, but twisted or noir this aint. Either way, it smells like violet leaf to me and I like it! Sillage is quite gentle too, I think this radiates about 1 or 2 feet only although I have not had any comments on this yet so don't know for sure. I was given a sample of this by a fellow fragrantican (thank you!) and having used up my little sample bottle surprisingly quickly I decided to go ahead and purchase a full bottle.

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Rossy plays with a dark rose and woods, also, but uses spice and chocolate as well as tones of goslar sex treffen metal, dust and blood. This is a surprisingly wearable, versatile and relaxed perfume. I really like this scent. Woody roses are easy in concept. I had some trouble finding it as it always seems to be listed under male rather than female, but I eventually found a 75ml edt for a good price. Not outstanding, not inspiring, not polarizing (not a good sign) and to my mind, given the competition in the niche market, not worth the price. The components are in place, the bits all connect; therefore the perfume is good. The hint of amber and rose combined with the vanilla actually reminds me a little of the rose-vanilla-amber smell of pre-reformulation Tocade.

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