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these past 78 years. The name of the lodge was to be grundsau ladsch nummer ains AN DER lechaw (Groundhog Lodge #1 at the Lehigh River). A monument was erected by the current ANC -led municipality in the late 1990s. The first meeting of Lodge #1, at the Lehigh River convened in Northampton on February 2, 1934. A monument was erected in the main cemetery to the memory of the women and children. Gasbetriebene PKW zulässig: E-Ladestation: 24-Stunden geöffnet: Einfahrtshöhe: mind. Furthermore, all activities at the meetings were to be conducted in the Pennsylvania German dialect.

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The British built a concentration camp here during the Second Boer War to house Boer women and children. However, since the immigrant Germans discovered the badger did not exist in the eastern hills and valleys of Pennsylvania, the indigenous woodchuck, another name for the groundhog was, adopted because of its similar physical characteristics of the badger. By Professor Richard Miller with collaboration from. In 1885 the Witwatersrand gold reef was discovered in the Heidelberg district and the office of the Mining Commissioner was established there. Closing Prayer and Dismissal, the poetic prayer, with the assembled lodge participating, asks the Lord to continue to bless and help us to protect our Pennsylvania German heritage and to sprinkle it with a measure of good health, humor and joy. With the help of the Rev. Visser's bust and the Klipkerk. This poses a question.

The time had come. 3 :237, heidelberg is some 50 kilometres south-east. How do you save a dying language? To city center it's 10 min by bus ( bus stop Information » Current departures » directly at the site).