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caning his sore and reddened butt. They decide that his cock needs to be restricted so Mistress Akella places it in a tight needle lined cock strap whilst Madame Catarina sets to work with her Wartenberg wheels on his nipples. France Premium Shemale Trans Escort: NastyaP1992 Age: 25 Gender: Transsexual (Pre-op) Country: Thailand City: Bangkok Sexual orientation: Active Passive Distance: 7837.8 km Bangkok Thailand Premium Shemale Trans Escort: Queen Shery Age: 23 Gender: Transsexual (Pre-op) Country: Egypt City: cairo Sexual orientation: Active Passive Distance: 3361.6. Windelboys die es lieben ständig Windeln zu tragen und die jemanden suchen der mit ihnen gemeinsam diesen geilen Fetisch ausleben möchte. Distance: 5182 km delhi, india, premium Shemale.

Graciously Madame Catarina allows her helpless slave a release from his months of chastity as she tramples his swollen cock and balls beneath her feet and allows him to cum before she dismisses him. A heavier flogger is applied, before a paddle and finally it is time for the cane. With the wine and cigarette gone there is no longer any need for a slave table so Madame Catarina decides to rearrange the furniture  so she can focus her attention once again on tormenting her slaves cock and nipples. A Mistress has sent an errant slave husband for training. Keywords : slave milking, milking machine, human furniture, slave butler, Femdom, CBT, nipple play, human ashtray, human toilet brush, electro-play, Berlin Mistress, ruined orgasm. The beautiful Dr Psycho dressed in immaculate business suit, tight leather corset and wearing austere glasses has placed her patient in the medical inspection chair and proceeds to strap him down ensuring he is complexly helpless. Madame Catarina then decides to use one slave as a human cushion whilst Fetish Liza uses her heels to torture the other slaves cock which has been placed in the cock box. A relict from the past?

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The ladies want to organize a very special party on the Gag Shop theme and decide to meet up at Madame Catarina's saloon. Satisfied that he is a suitable candidate for the slave farm he swaps places with Madame Catarinas caged slave where he is tethered to the bars by his cock. Before long Bootlicker cums but the cock torture continues until sextreffs aschersleben eventually he is allowed to lick the cum from Mistress Ezada Sinns boots just before the Mistresses leave for the party. The ladies continue to play with their boot slave train until they decide it is time to smoke a cigarette. But, one slave between two Mistresses is not enough and a slave is removed from a cell. Psycho and her Milking Mashine Story:. But the treatment is not over and.

Domina dating
domina dating