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She also admitted that Aluwyn was one of the people she loved and that being with her made her feel powerful, which scared Willow. Spike would then lie to Willow, claiming that Buffy saw her relationship with Tara and involvement in best first message online dating Wicca affairs as "a phase". After Harmony Kendall unwittingly brought about a new pro-vampire, anti-Slayer world order, 43 Willow was needed more than ever to protect the Slayers from humans and demons alike. Buffy decided, after sharing concerns with Giles that Willow was heading down a dark path once again, that the group should learn from Oz how to suppress their mystical powers and natures. In a state of extreme pain and vengeance, she prepared to perform a dark magic spell on Oz and Veruca to make sure neither of them would ever know love again. After the destruction of Sunnydale, Willow went out of her way to keep her then-girlfriend Kennedy away from Buffy because she believed that, had she not chosen to bring Buffy back to life, Tara would never have died. Shortly afterwards, their relationship did become more than platonic. Willow attempted to transform.J Brooks into a woman because his enchanted jacket made Willow (along with any other girl) fall in love with him. This isnt just me not liking new trends. However, the spell backfired and ended up affecting her the Scooby Gang ( Giles went blind, Spike and Buffy became engaged, and Xander was a literal demon magnet). After Aluwyn Willows powers greatly expanded since she returned from her time being mentored by the Saga Vasuki in the high witching arts.

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Willow then witnessed Malokers return as he set his sights on the Scoobies with great hunger. 49 When told by Tara that Buffy was sleeping with Spike, Willow expressed no anger; just confusion and concern, unlike Xander. Xander and Spike intervened before she succeeded, and the love spell was soon lifted. She had also been the one to tend to Angel, along with Oz, when he was delirious with poison after Faith struck him with an arrow. Tara was selflessly prepared for Willow to reject her, wanting her to be happy with the one she loved. 37 Willow was the most determined to bring Buffy back to life out of any of her friends, convincing herself that Buffy was put in a hell dimension and that she could not leave her there. Despite this, she had little contact with Willows girlfriend Tara Maclay and the novelty of her homosexuality soon wore off. They believed that a swarm of The Master s vampire minions would assemble at the Bronze where the schools prom was currently being held. Willow and Kennedy Kennedy Willow continued her recovery from Tara s death as she embarked on a relationship with this Potential Slayer.

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