marriage not dating ep 2

to just be helping that other girl get the guy she wants. It was also very moving to see the quirks that made you love someone, disgust you into wondering why you loved them in the first place. Though I was shocked that when he looked at Jang Mi he didn't realize the type of wonderful person and love he had destroyed. Marriage Not Dating Ep 2 Eng Sub Gooddrama. Though I really want Jang Mi to go on that date with Yeo Reum!

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Or maybe you were willing to be a fool with them when you loved them? Wow, I don't think Ki Tae's mom is a personality manager. An interesting setup to have Jang MI and Ki Tae discreet dating german language caught in their lies. Doctor Stranger, a man with a genius IQ follows in his fathers footsteps in more ways than one. Except Yi Hyun white knight oppa came to the rescue first, but then she got a lucky break when Grandma poured out her guilty conscience to Yi Kyung.