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even the IGC-World League. 21st century edit In 2006, Bayreuth chose its first CSU member and mayor, the lawyer, Michael Hohl, and, in 2007, a Youth Parliament, consisting of 12 young people, aged 1417 years, was elected for the first time. In 1999 the world gliding championship took place at Bayreuth municipal airport. Rather he died in Venice in 1883, but his family had his body brought to Bayreuth for burial. The town also suffered during the Thirty Years War.

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The town bus routes are operated by Bayreuth Transport and Public Baths (BVB) ( Bayreuther Verkehrs- und Bäder GmbH ). Sponsorship edit In 1955 Bayreuth took on sponsorship for displaced Sudeten Germans from the town of Franzensbad in Okres Cheb. Johannis ) Colmdorf Castle Rollwenzelei with Jean Paul's study ( Dichterstube ) Old Palace and castle chapel of Our Dear Lady ( Altes Schloss ) Victory Tower ( Siegesturm ) Spital Church ( Spitalkirche ) Church of the Holy Spirit ( Stadtkirche Heilig Dreifaltigkeit ). Richard Wagner are presented. "Wagner's son 'was in charge of Nazi slaves. Bayreuth - Tours on Foot, Heinrichs-Verlag, Bamberg,.5, isbn. Every summer, Wagner's operas are performed at the Festspielhaus during the month-long Richard Wagner Festival, commonly known as the Bayreuth Festival. There is no commercial service any more: In 2001, the service which used to operate three times a day from Frankfurt via Bayreuth to Hof, stopped service. The table tennis players of the.