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choreography. Yeonhap News, where they officially admitted to their relationship. More: Its great to celebrate BTS together: BTS army join forces for meet-ups across the. E'Dawn also added, "It may not be the most realistic, but I thought that admitting would lead to true happiness. Grand Bleu has a fresh synth sound and great vocals from the guys. Have fun choosing your bias from this cute and playful group! I really wanted to be honest. HyunA and, eDawn are officially dating! However, on the late evening of August 2, HyunA and E'Dawn held an interview with. Other highlights of todays show included vixxs Leo making his solo debut with Touch and Sketch. HyunA continued, "I got to know E'Dawn when he was a trainee and we performed on stage together, and then we started dating in May of 2016.".

The pair had denied their relationship when reports.
Hours after denying their relationship, South Korean singer HyunA, 26, formerly a member of Wonder Girls and 4Minute, and Pentagon.
K-Pop Stars HyunA E Dawn Confirm They Are Dating!
HyunA a nd E Dawn are officially dating!

HyunA and E-Dawn confirm they re dating and perform on Music
Breaking: HyunA And E Dawn Confirmed To Be Dating Soompi
HyunA admits she has been dating Pentagon s E Dawn for two years
K-Pop Stars HyunA E Dawn Confirm They Are Dating!
Agency denies snowballing rumors of HyunA dating E Dawn - AsiaOne

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For the fans who always support me and watch over me, I want to work hard on stage with a happy heart, with nothing to hide, as I always have. Now Rockhyun, Jong-wan, Chanyong, and Hyukjin are returning to the spotlight as a foursome. We were very careful. Last weeks first place winners seventeen performed Oh My!, a funky dance-pop track thats on their fifth EP, You Make My Day. Advertisement, advertisement, mORE: EXOs Kai named best photoshoot legend while Baekhyun is voted best main vocalist. That's why we wanted to be honest at least to our fans who love and watch over us, and then go in front of them with our confidence and joy on stage.".

The 26-year-old and 24-year-old K-Pop stars. Update: Hyuna confirms she s been dating E Dawn for two yea. HyunA s agency has denied rumors that the singer is dating E Dawn, a fellow. Yesterday on August 2, Triple H s HyunA (26) and E Dawn (24, also of Pentagon) denied rumors that they were dating.